An image showing an image of US Election 2020
An image showing an image of US Election 2020

It has always been said that never trust the election polls blindly when it comes to making investment decisions. Yet, investors have made the same mistake again and invested in asset classes based on early poll predictions, however a good thing was that this time they were not overcommitted. The opinion polls suggested, pre-election, that it would be a big win for the former US Vice-President Joe Biden, and his colleagues running for the senate bringing in a blue wave across the United States of America. As a result, a lot of investors built up what are known as reflation…

An image showing a Face off between Donal Trump and Joe Biden
An image showing a Face off between Donal Trump and Joe Biden

The ongoing US elections has seen a record high turnout with at least 159.8 million votes projected as of Wednesday 9am ET. This is said to be the highest number of ballots cast in a presidential election among all eligible citizens since 1900.

With early voting and mail in ballot voting, Democrats held a significant advantage in early voting due to their embrace of mail balloting, which republicans and Mr. Donald Trump have repeatedly opposed, claiming that the system is prone to widespread fraud.

Before I dive into the impact of the ongoing elections and vote count, I would like…

Leadership in Organisations

Image by Aliaks and rbarysen

An individual’s influence attempt is affected by various factors such as contextual factors, individual differences and different influence techniques. These factors are characterised by the relative power of the parties and direction of the influence attempt as stated by Fable & Yukl in their research.

Influence techniques in an organisational setting are categorised into eight tactics: assertiveness, ingratiation, rationality, sanctions, exchange, upward appeals, blocking and coalitions . These tactics can then be further classified into hard, soft and rational tactics (Yukl, 2008). …

Design Thinking

An image depicting the change in customer emotion when the products are designed using human-centric approach
An image depicting the change in customer emotion when the products are designed using human-centric approach
Created by Madhur Dixit

Human-centric design is one of the most superior approaches to transforming business and for designing habit-forming products, but first let us look at what it really is.

Human-centric design is a set of methods and principles aimed at aiding the design of useful, pleasurable, meaningful and usable products or services for the consumers. A human-centric design enables designers to apply knowledge about human beings and how they interact with the environment, which further enables the designers to develop products and services which meet the people’s needs and aspirations. …

Product-Market Fit and Startups

Image by Syda Productions

Failing to achieve a product-market fit is a major reason why 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. For a startup to be successful, it is essential to embrace the value of this least understood concept.

When customers are willing to stand in lines for hours outside a store to buy your product, or when your product runs out of availability on online stores, i.e., when you as a brand are unable to match customer expectations (demand) with the supply of your product, you have achieved a product-market fit.

Achieving product-market fit starts with understanding your customers, their needs, how they…

Digital Marketing

With around 5 billion people using the internet and the number of active social media users touching a 4 billion mark, it is needless to say that social media has undoubtedly become an unbeatable platform for marketing. Companies from almost every industry are embracing this fact and are channelizing their efforts on levelling up their social media marketing practices and engagement with the customers.

Social media is a world in itself and is evolving faster than any other platform when it comes to using it for the marketing activities. …

The Jobs to Be Done Framework

Created by The designers at intercom (

Brands today pay a lot of attention to come up with the perfect buyer personas which they think would help them in their marketing efforts.

Here is what is wrong with it: A buyer persona is useful for identifying a consumer’s demographics such as age, gender, occupation, personality types, places where she likes hanging out or searching (online and offline channels) for products. It alone cannot tell you why a consumer buys your product or any other product for that matter.

Companies spend a lot of time in gathering data about their consumers’ demographics, personalities and channels where they look…

Motivation, Inspiration & Well Being at Work

Captured by K’LeAnn Fayth MorganField

We all have at least once, if not more, heard motivational speeches, attended motivational talks or watched motivational videos. We talk about how motivated we are to do a particular task. We talk about how motivational certain companies and leaders are.

Every day in different articles, books and journals we read about how important motivation is and how leaders use it to increase employee productivity. However, motivation in itself is not enough for businesses to succeed, for employees to be happy and for the leaders to lead, be it leaders in business, politics or sports.

The ability to motivate anyone…

Have you ever wondered why is it that the most famous toothpaste brands are losing their market share despite of all the resources that they invest in R&D, and product innovation? Why do consumers buy a particular toothpaste? What has gone wrong with these brands’ marketing practices?

Let us try to demystify the reasons behind these “why’s” and “what’s”. According to a report published in 2019 by Business Standard (, Colgate has continued to loose market share in the toothpaste segment (which now stands at 52% as opposed to 59% in the previous quarters). This continues to happen even when…

Timeless Fashion

by Porechenskaya

While the fashion industry continues to bring new products in the market (at the cost of throwing away an awful lot of leftover raw material as waste), we as consumers continue to buy fast fashion products. Our motivation to keep buying new clothes for different events in life, or for that matter even buying for different seasons comes from our desire to fit in with the new trends. Now trends, you see, are convenient; they are a result of carrots and sticks (carrots such as massive discounts and deals, influencer/celebrity promotions and sticks such as peer pressure and the urge…

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